Tuesday, June 30, 2009


This two days ISO people came, busy to serve breakfast, lunch and tea time for them. I rush out to company for food for twice on this 2 days, make my time fast to past, hoho~ Eat eat eat non-stop, even i can't eat my dinner at home, too full. Thanks to Christina fetch me to settle my Public Bank ATM card yesterday, and my darling fetch me to visit doctor, at least i settled something. I'm a person who too worry all the things, i need to control. RELAX ON IT~i try i try.

Monday, June 29, 2009


What a bad day~!!! Yesterday night after badminton and dinner, went to bank to bank in my cheque and take out some money by my ATM card. After took out my money, a indian guy ask me to transfer RM 100 to his friend and he pay RM 100 cash to me, so that i help him. But too bad that after i help me, i forgot to take back my ATM card, just 1 minutes later i know that i didn't take back, so that faster turn back our car, ran inside, but it's LOST! Damn it, really hate myself that always forgot this and that. This morning my mummy go to bank to check for me, so lucky that the service counter said they got my card, really thanks to that person, but i need to take the card by myself, cause it's my name. When i got the time?? And my skin are pain at my waist, i need some time to visit doctor too. I need some time to do it in working hour. Time, i need time~

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Star Walk 2009

Every year whole family also took part in star walk, of cause this year we took part too, but this time sister didn't take part cause she didn't back to Ipoh. I rush back to Ipoh on Saturday evening just because of star walk only. This weekend really make me felt tired and mad. So rush in KL, not enough to sleep, then Sunday so early to wake up for walk - 10km!!! and night time still went for badminton...faint** Monday felt bottom part is not mine...i think my body need to rest for charge back my energy...
This is just a part of human, there stil got so many people...few thousand or maybe ten thousand...

Saturday, June 20, 2009

3rd Day To Rushing

Thought yesterday can finish the things, but today still have to do for it. Everyday and night in KL also busy. So yesterday night time my great hair stylist director - Jullyn in Monsoon-Id help me to cut and colour my hair again. Of cause still love her to cut for me, so suit and nice for me.

So nice ya...thankx to you again...

So now i'm rushing back to Ipoh again. Before that let all of you see how messy was the house, cause too many stock and rubbish already.

This is the floor and bed, but not for us to walk and sleep. Full of stock...

So now i have to go now, bye~

Friday, June 19, 2009

2nd Day To Rush

Today need to rush to do our own business things, so many new stock again, so happy to see them. Hope they can help us to increase our business. Until 8pm we go to Kajang to eat our dinner, it's really so far from our house, but it's nice dinner too. After dinner we still go to the durian stall to eat durian, really so full. So now back home and i rush to update my blog, to share my things to my friends. Now i have to rush to do my business things again. So i update until here, i have to start my job, have to go now, bye.

1st Time Train To KL

Really a rushing day, 5.15pm i already ask my daddy come to fetch me at office. Changed my clothe then rush to train station, 1st time alone take train to KL. I need to go down at Kepong sentral, until i reach a station, i totally cannot see where is it, so that i go down from train, saw it's Sungai Buloh, i faster go and ask the train's worker is it the next station is Kepong sentral? He said yes, so that i faster ran back into the train, really scare me, cause he already ask the train start to move before i go into the train, luckily i still can run up. So until the next station, TOTALLY no Kepong sentral board at all~!!! Luckily the train's worker which i ask him just now, he ask me go down this time. I'm mad of the board!! How come no board at all?? How people know it's Kepong sentral and without announcement!! So that sister come to fetch me to go for our wonderfull dinner!! Japanese buffet, my favuorite!!! It's so cheap!! cause they are having promotion for parent's day. Sad cause can't bring my parents to have dinner at here, and my darling sure feel sad, because its his favourite too. Tenji's buffet~yummy~

See, it's really really so cheap!!! Normal day it should be RM80++

This is some of the food, there stil got alot of nice food, no time to capture all down, cause i'm busy to eat them.

They are too busy to eat, so that i just only can capture by myself.

I choose some nice place to capture some picture too.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rushing Day

Really 1st time face like this. I'm too late to eat medicine, now they are fighting inside my stamoch, come out or not? Make me pain for few days, please better don't come out 1st. Wohoo~ will be rush to KL after finish work, my heart already fly there. Time please fast fast fast to pass, make it become 6pm. I'm so sad that darling and mummy can't go with me, still alone to go, so that wait for me, i'll be back on saturday night.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Wonder Girls V.S. Wonder Baby

Early in the morning wake up saw this video from facebook, so that faster copy down from youtube. This girl was so so so great, can make people feel hot to dance. Little talent girl can be superstar on next. wow~

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Rainny day - this few weeks really hot, luckily today rain, weather is better than last few weeks. Now i'm sitting in front of computer playing my restaurant in facebook and typing my blog, feeling so tired. This afternoon while mummy sleeping, i sweep floor, clean my bed, wash basin, clean fan and mop floor. When mummy woke up, she saw i cleaned so much things, said no wonder today rain. Ish~ just that i got the mood to clean all the things only, ok? So finally i bought the ticket to KL, this time i go by train, woo~ abit scare, cause normally i go by bus and this is my 1st time to take train. just hope that i won't late to train station cause they are so punctuality than bus. And i want to let all of you know that train economy fee really so much cheaper than bus fee. I bought RM 10 per ticket only, i save much on it. Hohoho~

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Praying Dog

Do all of you see praying dog before? Yup, my house got one praying dog named Skinny, she always pose like this. Thinking that is she pray healthy for us? Pray we can earn more? Pray i more love her? ( of cause i love her much ) Pray good luck to us? OK, i wish you always pray good for us. And sometimes we call her malay dog, cause she always pray. Oh yea, see she also acting a sausage over there. haha~

Monday, June 8, 2009

Replace Off Day for Agong's Birthday

When i tell other people that today is my off day, some of them will feel wierd because normally everyone also work on today. My off day reason is Agong's birhtday is on Saturday and normally Saturday our company didn't work so my company will replace off day for us on Monday. I know it's quite weird, but have to thanks to my weird boss. Haha~ Holiday! of cause i will sleep late, but not today, cause i went for my lovely meat noodle, just because of greedy for eat only. At last, finally i pass up my incaome tax things. Hoho~ Then the most lovely time, of cause is K-Box, KARAOKE~!!! Hulala~ It's not too expensive, just RM 9.90+ for a person ( lunch + 2 hours for sing ). The lunch is quite nice, some more the air-corn~phiew really cold, but then the time is quite less for me, haha...Weather, please don't be so hot, i'm really quite mad for it.

This is another dog named Mike, it's brought by my darling from his auntie's house which just nearby my house. He is so small~!!! 4x smaller than my Skinny, cause he is mini pinger, but his face totally same with my Skinny. He came to pee and poo for me only. Not more than 30 minutes, he gave me 4 pee and 2 shit, really want to kill him. haha...

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Gathering Night - 5/6/09

At fisrt thought it wil be cancel, but luckily at last we still can meet up. I'm very happy that still can meet my old friends. Although it was quite short time, but at least we make it. Yea clare, everytime must let me know when you are in Ipoh. Thise night really crazy, i went to 3 place. 1st place to Friends Cafe, of cause with my old friends. Then went to kopitiam with Vicky to meet up with her sister, but just for while. The final place is MCD, of cause ordered for french frieds again. Sometimes really mad of this, cause french fried non-stop until 1am we back home.

Luckily we still have 1 picture on this night with my old friends.

This captured by clare.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Royal Ipoh Club

Today had a wonderful lunch in Royal Ipoh Club. 1st time to go in, cause it's just for member and the member is my boss. Yesterday suddenly he told us that he booked 10+ seats for us to have lunch in Royal Ipoh Club. Actually yesterday i just think that why my boss didn't treat us for so long, and at the same time i suddenly heard this news. I think i really need to buy magnum, haha~ Actually i prefer western food, but he ordered rice for us before we reach. Anyway, it's a nice lunch too and i like their enviroment. Thanks boss.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Women's Nature

Today i feel so much better than last 2 days. Yesterday noon talk so much with Shin, she is the 1st person who make me change better on my feeling. Thank you Shin that you talk so much with me. Night time, finally darling came to find me, but at last he show me his face on something, that moment i really get mad, totally can't control my tears. After that he said sorry on that. And now i want to say sorry back to you, because of my emotional. I know i'm bad sometimes, just give me some times to let my temper change better and i really really wish to control my emo. So this morning have to thank you to Esther, what you told me, i'll keep in my mind. Yes, what you told, you are right. Woman nature? God, next time please don't makes girls too emotional and moody. Haha~At last, want to tell that now i'm better, so no worry for it. It's just a small matter. Fogive my childish and emotional. Thank to my friends.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I'm bad

Actually thought want to update my blog yesterday, but i didn't, cause i can't switch on the computer! Don't ask me why and i don't know why is me... Is that i think too much? My mind are quite negative. I feel that my EQ are really really low. How? How can i change it?? I'm so emo, sad, unhappy. Is that i think too much of it? I'm trying to control myself very hard. I want to shout, run , swim. Throw all my negative mind. Please go far away from me!!! Slap, slap, slap...sorry, i'm really emo now. Just sometimes feel that i'm so ''yong sui'' and ''hak yan zhang''. I'm easy to get bully, just come and bully me. I know what you do is just good for me, but don't count all the bad things on me and if you can't control them, don't just come and control me. My heart, mouth, mind are bad. Yup, all bad. I'm not a good daugther, girl friend, friend and human. At last want to say sorry for what i type here, i'm not want to complain for too much and hurt you back. I'm just trying to shout out my heart feeling.
I'll be fine...just give me some time...