Saturday, April 10, 2010

3 Days 3 Night First Aid Training

Finished my 3 days 3 night first aid training in KL. Finish my 1 week rest day. I only go for training and when back to Ipoh yum cha with friends, at last my short trip cancelled, really disappointed for that. First aid training quite fun, 24 of us in class practise for all the things. Now i learn little bit on it. I'm waiting for the result, wish that i pass the exam, so that only i can get the cert. Hohoho~
This is my room for 3 days 3 night with 3 roomates.

This is the chocking lesson.


24 of us in this training.

Congratualation To My Bestie

When i heard this i really felt so surprise!!! I keep it in heart for few days until the news out. When i saw your boyfriend i think he really can give you happiness. Maybe you really make a good decision. Alansk i really want to tell you!!! Take good care on her, if not there are so many people will find you. But any how i can see you are happy with him, congratulation and wishing you all the best. Love ya babe~