Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sorry To My Manager

Yesterday morning my heart pumped very fast, i scared, i felt so scared before i pass the resign letter. When i pass it to my manager, i can see his sad and disappointed face. I'm so sorry to him. Some people ask me to leave and some people ask me to stay. I don't know which is the correct way, but i choose to leave, i wish it's good for me. All the best and good luck to myself.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I Can't Upload My Picture

What's wrong with my home pc? I miss to post for few days, just because of my home pc, keep on can't upload picture in blog. Hope it will be fine very soon.
I got my sushi pictures want to post up but can't so that just try to tell some story here. This time RM 2 sushi king i ate for 3 days, really mad and its the 1st time ate so many days. 3rd day we ate till no electric. Geng!
So happy to meet up my friends in this Deepavali holidays, i'm enjoyed it. Enjoyed for yum cha, steamboat and clubbing with them. Of cause i can't forget the ceiling! Funny~
I'm sorry that what i did to you, but i wish you won't simply to say out that words again...It's deeply in my heart and hurt. Think before say...
Finally i receive their call~!!! They want to hire me! Ask me to resign and go there as soon as possible. My current company still haven fight the salary for me. How? leave or not?

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Finally I Go For It

Yesterday finally i push myself to phone to ask for the job. I called at 5.50pm means at the last minutes. Then i went for interview this morning. The branch manager are a quite nice person. Didn't feel scare at all in her room, talk talk talk non stop for at least 1 hour. Yea, from the way that we talk, i can feel that she will hire me. The only things that i want to say is i'm really not enough interview experience, she say she want to pay me XXX salary, i never negotiate to her. After back home then only i start to feel i'm so stupid. Aiks...too stupid~ and now what i want to think is, should i do for it?

Friday, October 2, 2009

Bad Day On 30/9/09

World are keep changing, more and more bad things happened around us. When read newspaper, watch TV news, heart will start to feel pain. Earthquake, tsunami...destroyed their house and land. Death, missing and get hurt, so many people are crying and my heart are crying too. I just feel like those things coming non-stop to hurt human and world. When will they stop to destroy? We really need to save our world, love our world.

* I cross my finger to pray for them and pray for us. *