Thursday, March 25, 2010

Shah Alam??

Oh my god! The day coming so soon already. Sunday i'm going to KL ready for a training on Monday. It's really make me faint cause my hotel in Shah Alam, it's far away from my sister house. Now! I still don't know how to go over there on that time, and how am i come back to Ipoh on Wednesday? Who can help me??

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


This is a quite long holidays for Jullyn and sister. After their Phuket trip, they come to Ipoh then go to Penang and back to Ipoh then only back to Kuala Lumpur. Haha, really run here and there. Sunday we karaoke together, after that we go to K.Kai for dinner. This is the restaurant which make us feel very very angry! K.Kai is a buffet restaurant. Last time i went with friends, it's just RM 19.90 but then this night it become RM 26.90. We are so shock when heard that, they told us cause last time is promotioon price and now are normal price.OK, so we think that never mind cause we can eat more of beef and sushi. But when we go to take those food, the staff told us, no more beef and sushi!! Oh my god! How come?? the time just 9pm. 9pm already finish and what else we can eat? Aiks waste our money! We confirm that we won't go there for dinner again!NO NEXT TIME!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Nowadays Stressful

After CNY back to work again. My table always messy and few tons of works are always waiting for me. Can't breath and sometimes really make me feel so tension. Finally i can't keep it in heart, i told all my feelings to my manager. She understand that i really pressure in this few days. I can't do both things in my workline, can i stop to calling? I doesn't mean i don't like to call and hate those extra money! Is just that i can't do both things in the same time. So my manager ask me to tell all my feelings again to branch manager on Monday. Hmm, i feel so scare, don't know what she will think after i tell out all the things.

I want to upgrade myself!!! I want to learn illustrator and photoshop!!! Who interest to go with me??