Friday, August 28, 2009

Simple But Happy

Such a happy day for me. Gathering with my lovely friends again. All gossip together, tell how their's life, everytime try to update for it.

After the gethering, darling came to fetch me to meet up my sister and Jullyn who back from KL. All stay over night in darling's house, we watched movie until 4am-Zoombie.
It's Thursday, of course i didn't work on this day, cause i planed to take mc leave. Haha~ Dim sum in the morning, so full. After that we went to Parade to do something in Zic Zac. Of course we went for karaoke too. 3 hours are really not enough for us. Always not enough, K QUEEN~ ... 9.45pm they have to back to KL by train. Time really fast to past today, althought we didn't do any special things in this day, but i'm happy, just because of we can meet up. Don't know when Jullyn can come again, but i'll still wait for you to come again.

Monday, August 24, 2009

24/8/09 - Rainny Day

Everyone busying to clear their annual leave, but not me, cause i don't have so many days of annual leave like them. So less people in office today, it make me feel more relax. Now is 3.30pm, i look outside from the window and door, sky are so dark like 7pm. These few days keep raining. I'm playing games, chit chatting, listening music and of cause listening to the sound of the rain. I feel so good.

Get Lost In This World

Early in the morning make me bad mood!! What make me bad mood? COCKCROACH!! While i'm rushing to work still let me saw it. Can't catch it cause don't know where it gone after dad spray the ubat. Still didn't catch it out! So worry! Will it come out tonight? Next time when i clean my cupboard, it will scare me? Oh godness, it really make me so scare and worry. Please get lost in this world!! Get lost in this world! Go to another planet! Or all die, die, die!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fu San & Sky Corner

Finally sister back to Ipoh, but just for 2 days - Friday and Saturday. Saturday morning, went to Fu San to have dim sum with family. Their new building really very nice, but their dim sum... i felt not delicios like last time, so that i think i'll choose other place on next.

Everning, after accompany sister to train station, then i get ready to dinner at Sky corner buffet restaurant to have dinner and a small celebration - Vivian's birthday.

From sit until stand i just keep eating, at last i can't tahan already, too full.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Complain To DBI About Stadium

I just want to tell everyone over here, BECAREFUL of your car if you park at Ipoh stadium outside badminton building's car park at night. I don't know why, there are really dark, DON'T HAVE LIGHT~!!! Yesterday night i went for badminton with friends and family. We finished around 10pm, when we walked out, UNLUCKILY! my friend's car window was BROKE! ( beside driver seat ) They are really unluckily cause this is the first time they join us. The thief stole their sun glasses, few ringgit, all the CD and a key. Luckily she didn't put her wallet in the car. Now they have to pay few hundred to repair the window. haihz~ I just hope that will have more people to complain about this matter, cause this is not the first time to have this problem. Hmm, now make me feel so scare on next Sunday night, don't know where to park is more safety. PLEASE!!! DBI! You all should put more light over there! You all should go there to have a look that how dark was it!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Happy Birthday To Darling

6/8 - Darling's birthday.

It's really a happy and crazy night~! Of cause Friend Five ( french fried ) all attended and now our gang become 6 person. ( should think another nice name ). Our favourite KARAOKE~! wohohoo~ we sang until crazy. At the end after cut the cake and solo, we start to boom the room* All of us stand up dance and sing. SYOK~~


Sunday, August 2, 2009

Mei Yee's 2nd Baby Fullmoon

Vicky told me that Clare want us to capture some picture for her to see, but i'm so sorry to Clare that i didn't capture her in my camera. Haha~i think you have to wait for Vicky's sister - Tammy to post up and see. But i have her 1st little daugther's picture, she is so cute~

Oh~!!! Mei Yee and her 2nd daugther are just beside!!! Can you see them?? But just half of them~Hahahaha~

And of cause we also snap abit of ourself in~ Here we are...