Saturday, September 26, 2009

Crystal Circle Charity Dinner Night

Try dress, try shoes, choose accessories, choose songs and rehearsal, finally we finished the show. This charity show is organised by crystal circle in Syuen Hotel. We busy for whole day to prepare all the things, rehearsal, set hair and make up. The show is start from 7pm - 10pm. We are enjoyed in this night, great memories.

Emcee and 6 models. Wakakaka~

After show still want to pose here and there.

Huge Size

We went 2 round in this night. I drank so much, mix much different alcohol. Luckily i didn't drunk, but i'm headache in the morning.

Finally i got the picture to show our crazy night in Barrom and Grey. Want to show how huge are the beer!!!

Can you see the different size of the glass??

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hari Raya

Totally no time to update my news. Holidays started on 19/9 - 22/9 ( Sat - Tue ). It's a quite long holidays, everyone was back to Ipoh. Friday night yum cha with aiai then party with Shin, Carmen and Christy, was fun until 4am, drunk until headache in the early morning. Then continue to meet Shin and Christy again on Sat lunch time, we pack some chicken rice and pork to Christy's house. Stay till 3pm something then have to go to airport and say bye to Christy at 4.30pm. After that i still yum cha with Shin in kopitiam, my stomach full of water, keep on drink only. haha~ when i reach home, sister already back from KL. Then of course we yum cha in Fuk Seng at night.
This is my yum cha days!!!
Thought can continue party on Sun night but have to say sorry to Shin cause i'm went for badminton on that night. I missed the AMC girls night. Since so late back home after badminton with my parents, so that i play mahjong with sister and darling until 3am.
Sister surppose back to KL on 21/9, 6pm, but we keep on ask her back on 22/9. haha~ at last we won! She stay 1 more night! Mahjong, watch movie and do stock until 2am on Mon night. Sister was back to KL on 22/9, 5pm with my aunty. Night time i close fair with darling, and now everything are back to normal.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Sometimes are really fed up with those promoter. Some of them just think to get your pay and do nothing over there. Fair is the most important time for us to earn more, but this time unlucky that i found a worst promoter to take care of us. Not enough of stock but still don't know to add more, need me to ask, then only move. Sometimes are really think better i go and take care by myself but it still not the time for me to do that. God bless. I don't want to waste this fair.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Busy Raya

Really not enough time to use in this few days, felt very busy until i forgot to update my blog. Yea my Raya fair started on date 10 of Sept and its end on date 22 of Sept. Thought its easy and fast to finish for setup, but at last 6 something only can reach home, means there is nothing different with my working hour. Thursday night sister took back few of stock and stay for one night, that's why i also took leave on Friday, so its become 4 days leave for me, Thur - Sun, haha~ but most of the time use for fair and stock.Now i'm so headache is i'm scare there got some stock are not really enough, so rush and worry.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Condom, Bra , Underwear In Office ?!

That's really funny...i can't stop to laugh. This morning my colleague clean the office's old cabinat. They found out 1 packet of condom! IS 1 PACKET!!! Roughly 40-50 pcs of condom inside a plastic bag. We all laugh in office, and they try to check out who used this cabinat on last time. After few minutes, they ran into office again, this time they found lady's bra and underwear. Oh my god! Who is the mad guy?! They guess all the things belong to a Indian guy who already resigned long time ago, and i never see him before. Woo...that's really...hahaha funny and mad.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Guitar King & Dancing Queen

I look back my facebook pictures found out this picture that i reallly feel so funny. But too bad that can't see my face...

Thursday, September 3, 2009

AiAi's birthday

1st time to celebrate birthday in KFC, but love it, cause we all like to eat that. Cheezy wedges and fried chicken already make me feel so full, and at last still want to eat a slice of cake. DAMN FULL~! But never mind at least we enjoy on it. Dear babe bitchy AIAI - HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Can't Go Into House

Yesterday when i back home from office, mummy was out. She forgot to leave key for me!!! I Sit outside for 45 min. Yea, Clare ask me to camwhore, so that i start to snap some pictures.

So bored... So bored

Skinny looked at me inside the house.

Oh Yea~!!! Luckily i still got my lovely MP3.

After snap this pretty flower, i finished my hp's battery. And few min later finally they are back.