Thursday, April 30, 2009

Slumdog Milionaire

Millionaire?? When can i be that? Haha~already time to dream of that, cause almost time to sleep. Just trying to tell about slumdog millionaire, its a nice movie. When you are free, just go and watch it.

Ranking : ****

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

2 Days for Purchasing Course

Yesterday no chance to update my blog so that i combine my post together. Last year i escape the course but this year finally i have to attend for it, its purchasing course. My company pay for me to attend for it, want to learn more knowledge from that. i went to FMM for 2 days, its cost RM 450. 13 candidates included me, and 1 lecturer, all new face, i sat alone. The most things is that i'm felt so luckily that the course are not bore at all. Hmm, tomorrow need to back to office for work again. So now i would like to show you my class.
This is the door of the room. I'm walking into room for to start my lesson.

So now here is my place to study my purchasing course lesson.

She is my lecturer. Quite nice and friendly.

So after 2 days - 14 hours, finally i finished my course~!!! GRADUATED~So i got my purchasing cert already.hohoho~

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Finally i can go for Exercise

Really long time didn't go for exercise, finally yesterday can go for swim. I really felt so good for it. Swim is a good exercise cause can exercise for whole body. After that i felt my hand abit tired. Haha, but i don't mind, its good. I'm trying to get more healthy. Exercise, exercise~ Keep fit, keep fit~ Gambateh~!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

My New HP String

This few days really really hot, sweaty at home. i made my new hp string! Got my name! I made it by myself.
Hubby's , Mummy's And Mine

Before sleep, take a shoot with mine.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Declan Galbraith

Thought want to upload Susan Boyle's video, but its disable to upload yet. So now i upload another song. This guy have a nice voice too - Declan Galbraith. Must listen for it. Here is one of the song that he sang.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Today when i see back the old pictures, i saw my sister's ex-pets. Miss them alot. Hope them stay peace in heaven.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Barbie Also Can Pregnant

Barbie also can pregnant?! So surprise huh! I read it from mail. How they make it born baby? Some more got blood! Here is some pictures to let those people who i didn't send this mail to them to have a look. How they make it so real?

Pinky Awake

Wahaha~!! I can't stop to laugh! I'm so love you my babe hubby. He save my little pinky! My camera can use back! Hurray~! Yesterday he help me took to Sony centre to ask for repair, but they said :'' I think inside something have to repair, at least need RM 200, and we don't know how to repair camera, so that need to send back to Sony factory." So that my bf took back and he skru out all the nut, touch here and there, then skru back. When he switch on, IT'S ON!! After he told me, i really laugh out, i really so lucky and happy to see her awake back. thanks god, thanks babe! I love you.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Survey * ing *

Annoucement!! I'm helping someone to do some little survey here. Just want to ask all of you, what you need in Ipoh? I think mostly person who stay in Ipoh will feel bore, right? So that now one of my friend want to make a small complex for youngster to have fun. So wish all of you can give some suggestion example like, what do you wish to have in Ipoh? What you want to have in that complex? What will make you go in to that complex? What things to make you feel can have fun? What programme you like? Or anything else? Please just give me some suggestion, then i'll try to let her know.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bad Bad Day

This morning after my breakfast then i help my dogs to clean their little small bed and help them to take bath. Want to show all of you my skinny's pillow.

See! I don't know why she want to bite her's pillow eyes! She make donky blind!

I'm very very very DAMN very bad mood now!!! I don't know why i can't on my camera!!! I really very sad for it. How come suddenly broke? I want back my camera!!! I'll try to on it later on, hope it will be fine, but six sense told me it dead.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Sultan's Birthday

Hurray~!! Finally feel that sultan are so good, cause his birthday make me have 3 days holidays. Or else still don't have any plan yet, but at least no need to go for work. Now is 4.45pm, i'm already waiting for 5.30pm, my heart flied back home! Hohoho~ One thing that i want to say, i still have to finish all my stuff - price tag and income tax. Sometimes i really feel that i'm so easy to get angry and emo when i do those things. I did the same things on yesterday night again. I'm trying to control myself, hope that you all can forgive me because of my bad temper and i'm so emo. Sorry* to those person who i hurted.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sushi King - RM 2

Want to help Sushi King to advertise. Sushi just RM 2 per plate on 13/4-16/4. Tomorrow is the last day!!! Who still haven't go for it, faster faster queue up. I just back from Jusco for my RM 2 sushi. I'm so damn full now. we ate 41 plate of sushi, really crazy. Everyone take long queue, at least need to wait for 1 hour!
See!! So many people!

Yummy Yummy~ Ready for my dinner!!

We ate 41 plates!! This is just one part of it.

Don't Eat too much of this!

Yesterday night so busy to do those price tag. Even 3 of them ask me to go for pasar malam, but my bf don't let me to go, reason is---have to do zic zac things, pity for myself. Suddenly someone horn outside my house, six sense tell me 100% are 3 of them. I'm Correct!! They really pack me food! Oh god! How i'm going to keep fit? Really have to ''thx'' to them.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Blog Skin - Thx Sifu Clare

Finally i got a new blogskin!! Thank you to my sifu - Clare~! You spent your time to me before yoga. You really help me to settle a big headache problem which make me really mad! I try for so so so many times but still failed. Although you help me to change already, but i'm still waiting for you to teach me how was it actually. Remeber your promise! Wakaka, nowadays feel that few of friends start to active on blog already, thats really good. So thank you to babe clare again. Muakxx~

Clare Was Here!

Heya Peppz! 

Clare here. 

Steph let me into her account to make do her blog to make it a little bit nicer. So here I am blogging just to leave a little bit of my duty hear and there. Now she owes me big time.. Muahahahahahahahahaha...

Anyways, share how you think Steph's blog looks like now alrite?! Share some love with her too!! =)

Hugs and Kisses,

~* Clare Chiara *~

Sunday, April 12, 2009


昨天临时决定上吉隆坡走走。又是独自一人坐在巴士上无聊的在听mp3。由于姐换工,所以下次不懂何时才能再上来了。其实这次也没什么目的,只是来见见面,逛逛而已,当然也要剪剪我的头发。这次把它剪得更短了。很喜欢她为我剪的头发,谢谢我的发型师-Jullyn,还有她的助手-Nicky。顺便再此打个广告,这位发型师就是来自Monsoon-id ( 1U ),多多捧场!谢谢!


Friday, April 10, 2009

Zic Zac

Now i want to talk about Zic Zac, so that i start my story from how we have Zic Zac. Nowadays economy change to be so bad, everyone keep finding more way to find more money. Althought i got my current job but i feel that is not enough at all, so that on Sept of 2008, ( JNSS ) we start our own business. Our company name is Zic Zac Enterprise. Everything are too suddenly and come too fast, so that make us feel like so rush. We rush to take stock, everyday paste the price up, every night really late to sleep. At the beginner me and weng went to Genting for fair. Sister and Jul will come up on weekend or their off day. I never never forget that moment, everyday we start to stand in our counter from 9am until 10pm, weekend until 12am. We didn't go out for lunch and dinner at all. Of cause our dinner time is after finish our work, it means its at about 11.30pm or 12.30am. Never sit, never rest~! I can say that really really suffer, but we are happy when we serve customer. Everytime when finish work, totally feel like don't want to walk back to hotel at all, cause i don't want my foot step on floor, but of cause it can't, so painful and tired. 10 days non stop to do the same thing. At last, we can back to Ipoh. After rush back to Ipoh, have to start for another fair again. Oh gosh! i really feel like want to die, but really no choice cause we want to have a counter in Bum City, we want to have our own business. Everything come not easy, we just try our best. Finally after the fair, we can have our own counter in Bum City already!! That was a big good news for us! So that have to rush for prepare all the rack, cupboard, stock, promoter......really many things need to do. And now we start to be stable abit, at least can rest more. Now i really want to say thank you to all the person who help JNSS, especially to my mummy and daddy. They really really work hard for us, they always work untill midnight with us, i love both of you so so much. Thx alot. JNSS will work hard for it too. Wish all the best to Zic Zac, hope that we really can make it more good, more customer, more sales.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

E-box on 7th - ladies night

From last time said want to go for karaoke until now, finally we go for it already! Ladies night sure have to happy happy wert. I sang non-stop whole night, mic queen~!!! Hulala~ Middle part we sang at least 5 fast song, boom~boom~boom so loud, make me have to sing so loud, until my voice also hilang abit. Of cause at last, sure we will capture some wierd picture, cause we always crazy.

After this picture, then all become crazy. Lucikly we still have a normal one.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Left 4 Dead

Wow, nowadays i think i'm addicted on this online game '' Left 4 Dead ''. I love it so damn much~! But my sister are not always back to Ipoh already so that i'm hard to find people accompany me to play. This online game is about 4 person in a group, need to kill all the zombies to go on stage by stage. Haha, i felt that i already crazy on this game, cause after the 1st time to play this game then i dream zombies at night. My mind also full of zombies imagination. I really really mad. I like to play!!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

When i brave to step forward?

Last weekend really busy, so that no time to update my blog. Finally my sister can get a new job, and today is her 1st day to work in new company, i wish her all the best. Next time she will more hard to come back to Ipoh, cause this time is 6 days work. Saw few of my friends and sister also changed their job, don't know when is my turn? should i change it? When only i brave to step forward? Everything still need to see when i want to start action on it. I also waiting that where got a good chance.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Comic fans~!!! I want to introduce this comic to all of the person who love comic, especially those people who love about killer and bloody type. * Gantz *, so cool, i love it so so much. You really need to read it! Let me show you some picture at below.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Taiwan's Mask

Vicky!! Just want to let you know that finally i used the taiwan's mask. Now i'm full of stawberry taste and smell. My doggie also want to lick it. Muahaha~

This is the stawberry yogurt mask.

( white face lady )


Yesterday went to watch movie, cause Wed is the most cheapest day! So that i watched '' Knowing ''. Actually it's a nice movie, middle part i can give it as excellent, but i really don't like the ending of this movie. I really don't understand what are those people doing and who are they? Something like alien? Better cut those people out. So my comment is - Good movie, but people who haven't watch this movie better run out from cinema before the ending, so that you still can rank it as excellent. Lol~

Ranking : ***

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fool & Leslie Cheung Anniversary

Happy April Fool~! Wish all of you enjoy today. Early in the morning, my 1st bad news is-my new promoter suddenly tell me that she can't work for me. Now my counter don't have promoter again! How come? Ish~!! Is it nowadays those youngster always like that?

I'm listening to the radio, it remind me that today is Leslie Cheung anniversary. Today got so many of his song on radio. Although he is not my idol, but his song really nice, enjoying. Wish all the best to him in the heaven.