Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wing Wing Yee

Everytime when heard this name i also feel like want to laugh, cause it's really a funny name. Yea, finally started another business. This time is a small western food shop, wish it can help to earn some money. 1 whole month i didn't have a rest day. Monday until Friday, i work for my onw job. Saturday and Sunday i'll help my hubby to take care for the shop, but i'm happy to help him. I know now is a hard time cause we just start it, but i will give some time to grow it up. Gambateh! We work hard together!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Boty trip - Langkawi 3D2N

09/07/10 - 1st time trip to Langkawi, there really have a nice beach. but i'm so disappointed that 3 days not enuogh time to beach, TOTALLY DIDN'T GO TO BEACH, i'm so sad for that! 1st and the last day also sit in the bus, use too much time on the transport. 7.30am - 5.30pm to Langkawi. We only use 2nd day to walk around, cable car, underwater world and eagle square. I wish next time i can go for the beach.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Still The Same

Really long time didn't upload my stuff...not that i'm lazy to upload, it's just that until now! My computer still haven't format! Sometimes i really crazy on it, because need so much of time to load something. When to format? So that i can have more mood to online!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

3 Days 3 Night First Aid Training

Finished my 3 days 3 night first aid training in KL. Finish my 1 week rest day. I only go for training and when back to Ipoh yum cha with friends, at last my short trip cancelled, really disappointed for that. First aid training quite fun, 24 of us in class practise for all the things. Now i learn little bit on it. I'm waiting for the result, wish that i pass the exam, so that only i can get the cert. Hohoho~
This is my room for 3 days 3 night with 3 roomates.

This is the chocking lesson.


24 of us in this training.

Congratualation To My Bestie

When i heard this i really felt so surprise!!! I keep it in heart for few days until the news out. When i saw your boyfriend i think he really can give you happiness. Maybe you really make a good decision. Alansk i really want to tell you!!! Take good care on her, if not there are so many people will find you. But any how i can see you are happy with him, congratulation and wishing you all the best. Love ya babe~

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Shah Alam??

Oh my god! The day coming so soon already. Sunday i'm going to KL ready for a training on Monday. It's really make me faint cause my hotel in Shah Alam, it's far away from my sister house. Now! I still don't know how to go over there on that time, and how am i come back to Ipoh on Wednesday? Who can help me??

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


This is a quite long holidays for Jullyn and sister. After their Phuket trip, they come to Ipoh then go to Penang and back to Ipoh then only back to Kuala Lumpur. Haha, really run here and there. Sunday we karaoke together, after that we go to K.Kai for dinner. This is the restaurant which make us feel very very angry! K.Kai is a buffet restaurant. Last time i went with friends, it's just RM 19.90 but then this night it become RM 26.90. We are so shock when heard that, they told us cause last time is promotioon price and now are normal price.OK, so we think that never mind cause we can eat more of beef and sushi. But when we go to take those food, the staff told us, no more beef and sushi!! Oh my god! How come?? the time just 9pm. 9pm already finish and what else we can eat? Aiks waste our money! We confirm that we won't go there for dinner again!NO NEXT TIME!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Nowadays Stressful

After CNY back to work again. My table always messy and few tons of works are always waiting for me. Can't breath and sometimes really make me feel so tension. Finally i can't keep it in heart, i told all my feelings to my manager. She understand that i really pressure in this few days. I can't do both things in my workline, can i stop to calling? I doesn't mean i don't like to call and hate those extra money! Is just that i can't do both things in the same time. So my manager ask me to tell all my feelings again to branch manager on Monday. Hmm, i feel so scare, don't know what she will think after i tell out all the things.

I want to upgrade myself!!! I want to learn illustrator and photoshop!!! Who interest to go with me??

Saturday, February 27, 2010


大概一个星期的华人农历新年这么快的就结束了。大家也回到自己的岗位了,而我的心情还留在上个星期。快乐的日子总是过得非常快,真讨厌!很喜欢过年是因能和亲戚朋友们聚在一起,当然也能有个比较长的假期。 在此我也祝大家身体健康,事事顺利。

Friday, February 12, 2010

槟城 - 道


Thursday, February 11, 2010







Sunday, January 31, 2010

30/01/2010 In KL

Before CNY i come to KL again, what else? Of cause is for shopping and cut a new hair style. Yesterday accompany sister to go for work before shopping. She bring me to see those big house and now i know abit on her job. So hot in the customer house cause renovation, no fan! Then shopping, but i just bought 1 shirt, i want to buy more...hohoho~Night time of cause to but my hair, my hair are short short again... Now while waiting for sister to go in office for while, i'm in cyber cafe to online until about 1pm. My friend din't online in msn ar~sien...Faster 1pm! I want to shopping, shopping!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Daddy's hand

Last sunday while daddy painting house, his head hit by the fan, luckily not really very deep. Yesterday dad back home and we saw his hand get hurt. This time is more serious...ish really too bad, better ask him look carefully, don't get hurt again. scarery. Better becarefull when you work.

1 month passed, finally we hit the target. Now we can go for the grand dinner in Penang. They suggest to go on 8th of February. Hurray! Next month we got few function. Happy~happy~CNY coming so soon, i'm waiting for it. We paint our house in this year, now my room are more nice, but i wish to settle those furniture, i want more space for my room. Still got many things haven't clean and need to bake biscuit. I still got 2 weeks only!!! Feeling so rush. Hehe...this saturday i will go to KL again. Syioknya.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

I Want To Hit Target

Now i'm sales support and half credit controller in Rentokil. That's is quite good for me because i got chance to get insantive. This month our collection target are RM350,000! We want to hit the target so that we got chance to have a grand lunch or dinner in Penang! I want to go for it! And heard next month 6th we got chance to have outdoor activities which on the way to Cameron's waterfall. I never got chance to outstation with collaugue, finally Rentokil got the chance for me. Hmm, i'm waiting for it...

Monday, January 11, 2010

Bye To Tai Po

Yea, everything is overed. Now back to normal, i'm still think of you. Lukily we got your video, i still always watch that. Not really got many people cry in her house cause its a 笑丧, we all wear red t-shirt. Join together to accompany her for last few nights. I think she also feel happy to see much of us to accompany her. Bye to my dearest tai po, stay peace in heaven.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

I'll Always Miss You Greatgrandmother

......I keep on pray for her but......she didn't wait for us to see her at last. Althought i already knew it will happen but i'm still feeling so sad now. Her face keep on in my mind. I'm speechless......Tomorrow i can see her but i only can talk to her in heart already. ''Tai Po'' now you won't feel painful anymore, rest in peace. Love you...

Greatgrandmother was seriously sick

Last monday dad received a phone said greatgrandmother was sick, her stomach was very pain. We rushed to her house and i saw her pain until use something to beat herself until her stomach got few small hole and blooding. My heart was so pain when i saw that. Few minutes later ambulance came, so that we followed to hospital. On the same day i need to go to bum city to clean the things, so that me and parents left hospital.
Today i received a phone from mum. She told me greatgradmother was pass away. My tears auto drop out in office, i'm trying so hard to control, luckily nobody see me. I'm blur in office for few minutes, then i faster find something to do to make myself stop to think much. 30 minutes later i received a phone from sister and she told me now greatgrandmother is stable. I'm quite blur...later on they only let me know because of doctor help greatgrandmother 打强心针 so that now she is stable. Phiew, now i really wish her can become healthy like last time.
*Steph PRAYING for greatgrandmother *

Zic Zac Is Temporary Stop

Rush for few days, finaly everything was cleaned in Bum City, everythings was overed. Now i don't need to rush to parade on next. We can't see Bum City in Parade anymore. At last! i knew why Bum City need to terminate their business in Parade! I'm farking damn angry for this reason! I wish Parkson will bankrup as soon as possible! They are so selfish! Just because their business are not really good so that they find some way to make Bum City down and complain Bum City. Bitchy managment! So...what to do? My business is stuck now. Have to think another way again.

Now there are empty. Bum City will keep in my mind.

Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 1st Day

I just reach home and i'm very very tired. 2010 1st day is a happy day for me? I really don't know. 2009 last day-31st is my last day to have business in Bum City. Today used my whole day to keep our things in Bum City. I really feel so sad when i'm cleaning all the things. Bum City have much of good memories for me and now they want to terminate their and our's business. Hard to tell how is my feeling now. Sadness and bad news for me. It's came too suddenly and i still can't really believe it. I'm feel like dreaming.