Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas

Jingle bell, jingle bell~~~~~~2nd time to have a christmas party. 1st time was in cousin's house and this time in Vicky's house, enjoyed the party very much. I always love christmas cause of the music and those light, peaceful and nice.
With my hubby to celebrate and i have 2 cutie santa on my head.

Present exchange~! I got a cutie cow ( key chain with sound ). Love it.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Talk Show and Concert

18/12/09 - 星期五 - 假期

星期六可是我和姐忙碌的一天。早上十一点抵达KLCC听Eric Leong主持的一个creative home talk show。一直听到四点多,幸好也没觉得闷。





Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Monyet = Nyamuk?

Sunday morning i went to shopping centre with my parents. Something happen over there, make me keep on laughing. When i think back, i can laugh non stop. A mosquito bite my leg, i felt its so ichy. Don't know why suddenly felt like want to speak in malay, i'm thinking what to call mosquito in malay. Suddenly a word MINYAK pop out, then i think of few sec, felt its so weird to call that, its should be wrong. Finally i get one answer again, '' YEAH, it shoud be MONYET! '' Then i go and tell my mother and sister who just stand beside me. I said : '' Aiyor, how come there got so many MONYET bite my leg? '' When i just finish to tell this, their eyes look at me, all silent......around 3 sec later, 3 of us laugh together. Wahahahahaha~ MONYET???!!! Where got monyet? Hahahaha~laugh until stomach pain. '' And now i really know that i'm good in malay! '' ( I still laughing when i'm typing - crazy )

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Station 1 Cafe

Now i'm in station 1 cafe. So many people here, how come? I'm sitting on sofa at the middle of the cafe, feeling abit weird. Thought come out to install garmin to my hp, but i forgot to bring my hp's cable, god damn! So what i'm going to do at here?? Aiks, that's why i update my blog and chit chat with friends. Waitress are walking around busying for their job, customers around me busying to chit chatting, so noisy, and i'm feeling so relax here, cause i'm totally ignore them. I have to stop here cause now i'm going to update my facebook. Byez...

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Online! I Miss Online!

Finally~i'm here again. Around 1 week i didn't online, it's quite suffer for me actually. I wish every place got wifi, so that i'm more easier to online next time. Really long long time didn't chat with my friend in msn. Last time always chat non stop with aiai or shin, i miss those time very much. Nowadays i'm really very busy in office, rushing for the works, totally different with e-rete. Now my working hours are so fast to pass and don't know why, i felt night time is fast too. Morning go for work and very night still drama or yum cha.

Zic Zac, Zic Zac, Zic Zac~ don't know how long still can continue it. 1 year in my life and now i really don't what will happen on next. Much memories in my mind, especially in Genting. We are starting to search where got a good place to rent. Still got 1 month for us to think, how how how? Is there any good way for us? God bless us.